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PlayerTek is a revolutionary GPS player tracking system that analyses and improves the performance of teams and individual players. Either used on its own or combined with Communication Analysis this has the potential to revolutionise your teams performance.

The Pod

The PlayerTek pod contains a GPS module and a set of inertial sensors that combine to track a player’s every movement on the pitch. The GPS module measures speed and position ten times a second, while the inertial sensors (3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope* and 3D magnetometer*) record every impact, force, twist and turn at rates up to 400 times per second.

The Measured Team Metrics

The primary PlayerTek Team metrics are separated into Volume and Intensity.

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Total Distance


Total distance provides a representation of volume of exercise and is a simple way to assess an individual’s contribution relative to team effort.


Sprint Distance

(m, yards)


Sprint distance is defined as distance travelled at speeds above 5m/s. This threshold can be set in the player profile.





The number of sprint events based on the player exceeding the sprint threshold of 5m/s. This threshold can be set in the player profile.

Energy (Kcal)


A measure of how much energy is expended during a game or training session. The calculation is based on a player’s weight and is typically around 1,500kcal per game for a professional footballer.




Power Plays


A power play is defined as a significant action (such as an acceleration or high-speed running event) in which power output is above 20 watts per kilogram of body weight. Counting these actions gives an indication of the number of physically intensive actions a player was involved in during a session.

Accelerations and Decelerations


A count of the number of accelerations above 3m/s/s. The threshold can be set in the player profile.


A count of the number of decelerations above 3m/s/s. The threshold can be set in the player profile.




Top Speed (m/s, kmph, yards/s, mph)


PlayerTek measures a player’s top speed as the maximum speed they sustain for at least half a second.


Distance per Minute(m/min, yards/min)

Distance per minute gives an overall representation of how hard and intensely a player has worked. 





Power Score (w/kg)


Power score measures the power output used per kilogram resting. of an athlete’s weight. It is a useful tool for gauging the

intensity of training drills where high workrate within a small area is required. 

Player Load per Minute

The PlayerLoad score divided by the time in minutes.


Work Ratio (%)


The percentage of total time during which a player was performing some work. Work is defined as walking or running at speeds higher than 1.5m/s. Work ratio therefore indicated the amount of tie a player is working compared to resting.


Accelerations and Decelerations per Minute


The number of accelerations divided by the time in minutes.

The number of decelerations divided by the time in minutes.


Impact Loading (Scaled impacts/min)


Impact loading indicates the average rate at which impacts occur during a match. Like other intensity measures it can be used to match training intensity to match intensity while lowering or balancing the overall volume of training.




Player Load


Based on the 100hz accelerometer data this is calculated as the sum of the magnitude of the change between each of the successive accelerometer data points.

Sprint Distance per Minute


The sprint distance divided by the time in minutes.



Sprints per Minute


The number of sprints divided by the time in minutes.



What We Can Offer

Through the use of the Playertek Pods we can analysis players' in game statistics, allowing us to build a fuller picture of an athletes performance, highlighting areas for improvement from the perspective of technical skills, strength and conditioning, injury prevention and sports psychology. We will work alongside your existing coaching staff and support team allowing them to use the data produced to create a comprehensive program to improve your teams performance.


  • A data driven platform for technique coaching

  • Fitness profiling

  • Strength and conditioning enhancement through targeted specific training

  • A more detailed understanding of player positioning 

  • Player comparison, and season tracking

If you are interested in learning more about Playertek Analysis and think it might be relevant to your team in sport or business, then please get in touch.

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