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Sports psychology is not just about dealing with an issue, but is about developing consistent and positive performances.

What is Sport Psychology?

Psychology is the study of what goes on ‘from the neck up’. It’s a science that links what people think and feel with their actions and behaviour. Sport psychologists apply this link to a sport setting. They look at how athletes’ thoughts and feelings affect their sporting performance, wellbeing and enjoyment.


Many athletes will be able to recall a time when their self-belief has taken a nose-dive alongside their performance. Others will remember times when they have lost focus under pressure, or when emotions have clouded their judgement, from nerves to frustration to disappointment. Suffice to say that meeting only the physical and technical demands of sport is not adequate for optimal performance. Athletes must also prepare for and overcome the mental demands of their sport, from motivation and concentration to confidence and emotional control. This mental element of performance is where psychology plays a part in sporting success.

How Can Sports Psychology Help Me Or My Team?

Sport psychology can improve performance, consistency, enjoyment, and bring a competitive edge to your game. Examples of areas where psychology support can make a difference are


Confidence development


Coping with pressure


Controlling emotion


Improving focus and concentration


Dealing with stress and anxiety

Understanding performance states


Increasing motivation and enjoyment


Recovering from injury


Transition in sport

Performing At Your Best

Performing at a high level consistently is not only difficult, but also rare. We all have bumps in the road and sometimes it is helpful to have support in recovering from them. For those aiming to regain their previous levels of performance or motivation we offer regular support. If you already feel you know what is causing you an issue in your performance or have a single problem you are looking to solve then one to one sessions will help you talk through the causes of that issue. If you cannot yet identify the specific issue, some time discussing your event and your current feelings about it may help to clarify the barriers you are facing. Alongside regular support over Skype, Email or in person specific projects will be agreed to help you develop your mental and performance skills.


Types of Services


One 2 One

One 2 One Support can be arranged at a location of your connivance (whether that be pitch side or at the gym) alternatively you can visit us.


Team Workshops

Team workshops can be arranged at your training base on a topic that you feel will positively impact your teams performance.


Remote Support

Remote support by email, Skype, WhatsApp and phone.


Spotlight Profiling

Powerful profiling tool designed with performance in mind. Based on the science of psychology, along with decades worth of experience in elite sport.

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