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The simple yet powerful profiling tool designed with performance in mind. Based on the science of psychology, along with decades worth of experience in elite sport,Spotlight has been designed to be practical, memorable and relevant to the modern world.


“People change when there's something to be won and lost.”


Spotlight looks further than just ‘Behavioural Styles’, it also considers ‘Mindset’. Put simply, some people are trying to win, whilst others are trying not to lose - with both proving to be successful strategies when applied skilfully.


As a result, Spotlight aims to explore the major dimensions of character, based on the properties of the brain-behavioural systems. This includes the basic processes of motivation, learning and emotion. Taking these lessons, spotlight looks to give an understanding of both ‘Behavioural Style’ and ‘Mindset’, combining them into what can be termed ‘’Performance Preferences”.


Spotlight has been applied with organisations and teams from a wide range of fields, from elite sport to the financial sector. With an aim to be a tool that could be applied in any context, to help people move forwards.


Since Spotlight has been developed it has undergone academic rigour through research studies, establishing both the profile’s validity and reliability. It has drawn upon the experiences of clients and how they relate to Spotlight, shaping the profile and tailoring the content to ensure its impact is both immediate and long-lasting.

The Core Principles of Spotlight Are:

๏ People change when there’s something to be won or lost (and there’s increasingly something to be won or lost in our daily interactions)

๏ Modern personality theory shows that we change across contexts, and with volitional effort - it’s important to recognise and understand this shift

๏ To connect and thrive in the modern workplace, it’s important to be able to FLEX our behavioural style and COPE in a variety of ways, depending upon the mindset that we need

๏ It’s therefore less about “where you are” (on the profile) and much more about “where you can get to”

๏ Our weaknesses are often our strengths over- played - anything to excess becomes toxic


So with Spotlight, whilst we begin with understanding your natural preferences, we quickly move onto how you might FLEX to connect with others, and COPE in order to thrive.


Features of Spotlight






Spotlight has been rigorously validated, using cutting edge Bayesian analytics


Personality Adaptability is inherent within Spotlight, a concept which underpins the skills and attributes of Emotional Intelligence

The 'Big 5'

Spotlight is based a combination of two of the Big 5 personality models (the most researched personality theories) & Gray’s Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory (the only biological model of personality.


This performance focussed tool helps take teams to another level, leveraging team strengths whilst avoiding the potential dysfunctions that can undermine team performance.

It’s less about where you are,

and more about where you can get to.

How it Works.


Spotlight can be used by anyone who is interested in getting the best out of themselves and others. Using a combination of workshops, coaching, and personal development, Spotlight can be used by organisations to embed a new way of thinking about performance and people.

01 Questionnaire

02 Feedback

03 Debrief

Clients begin by completing the simple and intuitive online questionnaire - a quick, 15 minute process.

The in-depth Spotlight reports are then generated along with corresponding team maps.It’s often best to bring together a whole team, or group of individuals to experience a Spotlight workshop - ranging anywhere from 2-hours to 2-days. During the workshop individuals explore the models, understand their own and their team’s preferences, and coach one another in how to FLEX and COPE.

Following a workshop, we recommend that each Spotlight profile is also individually debriefed. This really brings the learning to life for the individual, helping them connect with other more effectively, and thrive in their roles.

If you are interested in learning more about Spotlight and how it might help you, and or your team , then please get in touch.


Oliver is an Accredited Spotlight Practitioner

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